ESM500 – High-end transmission for 50+ tons class vehicles

The automatic gearbox ESM500, installed in the French main battle tank Leclerc can be coupled to a maximum 1600hp engine. A complete powerpack can also be proposed for other applications like Al-Khalid or other ‘above 50 tons class’ vehicles.

  • Powerpack design
  • Manual and fully automatic power-shifting
  • 5 speed forward – 2 speed reverse
  • Infinitely variable hydrostatic steering system actuated by a steering wheel, including pivot on the spot feature
  • Mechanical emergency gear shift system
  • Torque converter with automatic lock-up clutch
  • Secondary side heavy duty retarder
  • High performance mechanical carbon-carbon service/parking brake separately mounted
  • Power take-off for fan drive with full digital speed control
pdf ESM500